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picture made of hand dyed wool


My website name describes where I live. On a hill, shaded by old oak trees, in a home with a beautiful porch where I can hook rugs.

The art of traditional rug hooking has been around for hundreds of years. Creating a hand hooked rug is still being done today as it was long ago, with the simple tool of a hook and strips of cloth.  Now it is considered an art form. Rug hooking has no limit for creativity and imagination.

I hope you enjoy looking at the hand-hooked rugs, hand-dyed wool, rug hooking patterns and appliqué patterns that are on the following pages.








Weaving class this week

A beginner weaving class was held at the LYS (local yarn store) and this is the scarf I made during class.  I totally enjoyed the class, the other students, and teacher of course.  And being in the center of the yarn shop immersed us in brilliant, vibrant color, layers texture, different fibers for any fiber art we might be interested in.  Any of these yarns used for knitting or weaving can also be used for rug hooking.  We need to be aware of the thickness of the yarn and match that up to the #cut wool strips we use.  The more slippery the yarn the more we have to pack in the holes of the backing to make it secure.   Only 100% wool yarn should be on the floor rugs.  Any other alternative fibers can be used for wall hangings, table runners, bags, or pillows.  Visit your LYS and see what is new , and give it a try in your next project.

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Visit my Facebook page

My Facebook business page is ready to visit.  A few pictures and comments so far and even a few likes.  We all like "likes". It's called, of course, Shady Hill Rug Hooking.

I also started a group called Rug Hooking, Traditional and Original.  Any enthusiastic fiber artist is welcome to join in the conversation and I hope you do, by asking questions and throwing an answer out there occasionally.

I will be teach a class on decorative stitches in rug hooking at the Harbor Hookin' in Punta Gorda February 2015.  Searsport Rug Hooking sponsors this annual hook-in and everyone is wild about it.  The classes will be listed in the next week or so, be sure read over the class listings and pick one.  Searsportrughooking.com

When the classes are posted on their website I will add a picture of my class sample here.  Check back often to see what creative stitches are all about in rug hooking.

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