New rug hooking project

Sea turtles are up next on the frame!  My collection of "water" keeps growing as I throw new fibers in the over flowing bag. It's flooding with cotton batik, silk sari ribbon, chiffon ribbon, several hand-spun and  hand-dyed yarns, and a bit of hand-dyed wool.  Mixed media for this one!  We were in the Florida Keys last week and I do believe I have the right colors for the glorious water we saw.  Now, the search for finding visuals and supplies for the cutest sea turtles.   Design by Carolyn Stitch, I have a couple for sale in my store here!  Take a look at all the patterns.

Only one rose and a  small bit of scrolls on Gainesboro rug.  I have dyed the yarn for whipping the edge, so I am ahead with that.  Steaming a rug 60" in diameter might prove a challenge!