This week in the wood shop

It's been a busy week in the wood shop for us with my dad.  He makes my footstools, yarn bowls, and covered magnets.  This week we have been making footstools for the fiber artists.  You can see the tops are cut, stained and a light finish on them, drying on the driveway.  We all need to perfect our posture so we don't end up with sore shoulders and backs as we enjoy our rug hooking.  Feet on the floor and straight backs.  Use a footstool!!!  These are great because they are lightweight and portable.  The legs fold back, and there is a handle !  It will fit right into your hooking supply bag and you will be comfortable where ever you are hooking!

I will have them available at the St Louis Hook-in Saturday April 23rd!  

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    Betty (Wednesday, 27 April 2016 13:46)

    Those little footstools are wonderful!