All done and ready to pack

There, I have done it.  I dyed every piece of wool and silk I could get my hands on.  From the Dorr natural wool to the Heavens to Betsy wool textures, to the silky silk.  It's all beautifully dyed now. Several yards are still cooling in the dye pots to be rinsed in the morning.  During the last three weeks my dyeing extravaganza has included a couple pots that developed leaks.  A couple broken jars because I was not careful of the hot/cold temperature.  A broken oven heating element (efficiently fixed by my husband who takes care of these thing for me so I can keep on dyeing). And, a sore elbow.

I hung the wool to dry each day in the extra bedroom and it was a beautiful site as I peeked in from the hallway!    We are packing it all in the trailer to head north to attend a couple hook-ins.   The first is the March Madness in April in Franklin Tennessee!  I will be a vendor, and of course, am looking forward to seeing many rug hooking friends!

The following weekend will be busy as I will be STUDENT! in a workshop with Lisanne Miller on Friday.  I have been looking forward to this class for a year!  On Saturday April 23rd,  I will be a vendor at Hook-In St Louis in Kirkland MO.  Another wonderful event! I will do my best to take pictures!


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    melody (Monday, 11 April 2016 20:35)

    have fun on your adventure Karen - best of luck to you vending and we'll see you in about a month at our hook in I hope !