One rug done already in 2016!!

One braided rug is done.    This one is going to our daughter for her cabin on the hill. We started this together a long time ago.   I braided, she laced, then I brought it home to finish.  It sat around, got in the way, moved from one room to the next.  And finally, I decided, it's time to finish this and get it to it's new home.

No real pattern for the color changes, I only wanted to see what would happen when I changed colors.  I like the star-like design in the middle, and the contrast between the light and dark values to define the outer rings.  The wool is delightfully soft and feels squishy when I walk on it.  I have an oval braided rug started using blues and creams, and am determined to get it finished before I have to move it around as much as this one.  Give me  a month!

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    Melody (Wednesday, 13 January 2016)

    congratulations Karen ! I have never tried braiding but do admire it. This rug is just my colors and what a happy accident that it formed such a pretty pattern in the center with no intentional manipulation. Hope 2016 will be great for you ! Mel