Always time to hook a santa!  Even in summer.

Blue eyed Santa is done and hanging around the kitchen.  Using the textural and dimensional techniques is an interesting challenge.  The background is a lovely gray stripe from Heavens to Betsy. Once the wool was cut into #8 strips I picked the strip with the red stripe for the zig zag down the sides.  The real story is I wanted santa attached to an old gray weathered barn board, which was out behind the garage.  I should have measured the board first.  Lesson learned.  Blue eyed santa is longer than the board.  Gather supplies first, then might not need to hook the large background area.  However, I think I accomplished the barn board appearance using the wonderful gray stripe wool using a little zig zag pattern. 

The tree and star are hooked separately then attached with a bit of wire.  The wire for the star is coiled so it sticks out in front of the tree about 2 inches and wobbles a little bit, just to make it more interesting.

I used standing wool circles for buttons.  The gloves are needle felted wool roving right over the top of the loops.  Beard is a folded wide strip of wool and the end is flipping out to add some interest.  Hope you enjoy him.  You too can hook the pattern that is available in the online store!


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    Betty (Monday, 13 July 2015 20:09)

    Hi all! This gem of a project is fantastic to see in person! What personality!