Almost done, just a couple more rows

I am almost done with this Paisley design.  We tried fitting it on the bench with a very thick cushion and just not enough hooking to make it work.  Yes I do want the cushion thick, really thick.  Tonight I will be hooking three more rows around the edge, then miter the corners so it appears more box like.  Tomorrow we will put it all together and have a wonderful hooked bench in our home.  Finally a completed project, tomorrow.

This pattern was fun with all its spots, dots, curly leaves and the background.  I chose a brown background, chocolate brown, rich chocolate brown, hungry yet?  Paisley designs appear very busy behind the main design so I went to my noodle bag (sounds more pleasing than worms) and chose a lot of colors in the same value as the yummy chocolate brown, just to add here and there in spots and squiggles.  Then made paisley shapes in the border that will go around the thick padding on the bench.  It adds some interest and texture to the whole piece.  Zoom in and take a look.

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