Home again

We arrived home late last night to the sweet fragrance of blooming jasmine at the beginning of the driveway.  The vines are covered with tiny white flowers and the whole covered fence looks like a snowbank in the south.   I did get some rug braiding done while visiting our daughter and her husband.   I braided, my daughter laced, more braiding, more lacing.  I will try to complete it next time  we get together.  During a shopping trip to an antique store I found a great book about the Pennsylvania Dutch folk art, and some huge vine baskets which will be perfect for storage in the studio.  I am always on the lookout for visual aids for hooking rugs.  Having a picture to look at really helps with a rug hooking project.

Summer will be here  soon, and that means hot weather, and that means I stay inside with the air conditioner, and try to get some rug hooking done.

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