More wool in stock

Great wool textures, looks like autumn
Great wool textures, looks like autumn

More textures in stock for fall rug hooking and wool applique.  I have in mind the usual pumpkins of course, but let's think outside the wool box and come up with some other ideas.  Bittersweet, vines, and bird houses maybe? 


OK,  back to our trip to Ohio.  We were able to visit a couple Amish homes.  One family was selling fresh home made baked goods on Friday and Saturdays.  Never. Go. When. Hungry.!  Dinner rolls, juicy pies, glazed donuts, crispy fried fruity pies, crusty breads,  all just coming out of the oven. So hard to make the final decision.  Lemon meringue pie, so creamy.  I should have taken a picture, next time I will pause before digging in.  We were looking for hand made baskets and found an Amish family who sells them from their home.  The baskets are wonderful, but the adventure was visiting with the very friendly Amish woman who made them.  The ones we purchased will be very useful around our home and are already filled with yarn and hand-dyed wool in my wool room.

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