Pretty Little Footstool designed by Katie......

Hooked by Betty, designed by Katie
Hooked by Betty, designed by Katie

And here is the finished product!  Yesterday I shared the hooked piece unfinished.  This morning Betty and I talked about how to finish this stool.  I showed her all my samples of ways to finish a rug and explained what works and why.  I want her to understand the importance of finishing a hooked piece correctly, whatever method she chooses.  Finishing your hand hooked rug properly will improve the quality, enhance its appearance and help the rug to last a  lifetime.   If an edge is crooked, or it has a wonky corner your eye goes to the finishing instead of the fabulous design you put so much time and effort into. 

Betty covered cording with hand-dyed wool, hand sewed it along the hooked rows, then made a soft cushion from quilt batting.  We took it to Parker's Upholstery shop in Ocala and Dan was able to staple the mat to the top of the stool along the edge of the cording.  Wonderful.


Hooked rug with hand-dyed wool attached to footstool.
Soft enough to sit on.

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    Becky (Tuesday, 22 January 2013 22:36)

    Great job! Looks beautiful.

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    Sister Betty (Wednesday, 23 January 2013)

    Have you baked cookies for Dan at the upholstery shop?