Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I love getting a brand new calendar with nothing filled in, yet. Birthdays, of course, then anniversaries are written in next. Vacations anyone? They are fun to plan then write in the calendar, in large red lettering with zillions of happy smiley faces. This is also the time of year to set some goals for the upcoming year. Make a reasonable plan; map it out using all the resources available, follow the plan one step at a time, then reward yourself for a job well done. And be happy.

Farmers Market on the Square in Ocala. This is THE place to find fresh, local, home grown, and hand-made everything. From eggs and milk to cheese and produce, from honey and bread to kombuchi tea. Fragrant candles and plants for your garden.  We found , and of course bought, fabulous cheese from Natural Springs Dairy Products. See them on Facebook. Then the fresh picked, hydroponically grown kale (did I mention three varieties of kale) and yummy tomatoes caught our eye from SugarTree Farms. See them on facebook or their website sugartree-farms.com. Next week we are looking forward to a trip to the farm to observe how the hydroponic garden is grown.

Back to the studio after a busy Christmas week. I am stitching away on some smaller wool appliqué kits using hand-dyed wool. The kits will be ready in time for the Cabin Fever Quilt Show in Orlando in February. I will post pictures next week as I finish up a few samples.

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    Sister Betty (Monday, 07 January 2013)

    A fine time has been had by all.