Fall Flowers in Bloom.......

Little mums in the garden are still blooming.  I just let them grow wild and free among the other flowers. I do give them a deadheading trim after they bloom in the summer then they are free to wander until a good "freeze" in January stops them in their tracks and makes them rest until spring.

My sewing/wool room is kind of like the mums.  Organized and pretty, but then then life gets crazy busy and the colorful hand-dyed wool piles grow wild and free.   This week was the "freeze" for me. I had to stop in my tracks and make time to re-organize, re-stack, and rearrange shelves, tables and boxes. Every drawer cleaned out, every shelf neatly arranged, every box emptied and sorted.  Even my sewing machine cabinet was weeded, of pins and needles and wool samples.  Just knowing where everything is, especially my missing scissors, is wonderful.  The room is now my "studio".  My husband installed track lighting above my work space. I have rested, my studio is organized and bright and ready for new ideas to bloom - just like springtime when the mums will begin to grow and wander free.

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